Admin Support
Professional Support From Us
Medispec’s comprehensive support services include:
  • In-house pharmacists to assist and advise principals on matters pertaining to the registration of products with the Drug Control Authority Board.
  • Bioequivalent study of products if required.
  • Advice on import facilities and legal requirements.
  • Sales documentation and maintenance of credit accounts.
  • Sales statistics and analysis on performance;.
  • Stock documentation;.
  • Storage Facilities.

Regulatory Services
  • Our Regulatory Department will assist Principal in the area of registration of product.
  • Update Principal regarding any changes in the Product Regulatory requirement.
  • Assist Principals to answer to enquiries that is requested by the Drug Control Authority regarding adverse drug reactions or other issues pertinent to the product.


GDP Storage Facilities
All pharmaceutical products are stored in air conditioned store and refrigerated if necessary according to requirements stipulated by the Drug Control Authority

Warehousing facilities including refrigeration facilities for oncology products and temperature sensitive products are available both in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

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