Vitamode Garlimax Capsule
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Garlic has been known worldwide for its extensive health benefits, however little did we know that garlic has to be eaten fresh and raw as cooking will destroy the health benefits compounds in it. Vitamode® Garlimax Capsule mirrors health benefit found in whole fresh garlic. It contains one single ingredient Garlic EFLA® 767, standardized with > 4% Alliin (highest in the market). It is traditionally used for health and strengthening the body.


Adult: 2 capsules, once daily with meals.


  • Traditionally used for health and strengthening the body
  • Enhances body’s natural defense system
  • Supports recovery from common cold

  • Mirrors health benefits found in whole fresh garlic

  • Improves overall well-being

Each capsule contains:   

Garlic (Allium sativum) extract (bulb) – 137.5mg


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